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  • Kunhiplli, Kottali (P.O), Kannur, Kerala, India

Martial Arts

We have been overall champions for 30 years in Kannur district,India Kalaripayattu competition.

This is the oldest martial art in the world. The main aim of Kalari Martial art to make healthy body, healthy mind and a disciplinary community.

  • First teaching discipline
  • Training for flexible body
  • Teaching Marma (vital points)
  • Fitting without arms and with arms

Then training with arms like shot sticks, long sticks knife, sword and shield, axe, spear, long sword etc.

Main specialty all these attacks with arms and without arms goes to the (marma) vital points of the enemy. Most of these attacks are deadly dangerous. Our Master P.Dineshan Gurukkal has 8 martial art training centers and hundreds of desciples in India and abroad.