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Kalari Foot Massage

The therapists giving massage by foot with herbal oils that go with the individual's ailment.
Different types of oils have various medicinal properties and depending upon the individual’s particular problem,type of the body,climate etc. Specific oil is used to massage into those energy points. For massage we have been using only self-prepared herbal oils.

When the specific oil massage on the body with a focus on the energy points, in cyclic motions the massage helps in relaxing and lightening the lower extremities and provides physical relief and swelling.

With the stimulation of these energy points, the kalari, ayurvedic massage helps in back pain, body pain, treating sleeplessness, builds up blood circulation and preserves good eyesight.After full course massage the muscile system, nerves system, joints will be in the normal condition.Removing the blocks on the nerves and normal blood circulation.