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  • Kunhiplli, Kottali (P.O), Kannur, Kerala, India

About Us

Many times we have got first and second places in Kerala state kalaripayattu competition. We have been overall champions for 26 years in Kannur district Kalaripayattu (Martial arts)competition. P. Dineshan Gurukkal 42 years in Kalari MGS Kalari sangam started by Sri Mukundan Gurukkal in 1934. Dineshan Gurukkal is now the kalari Master. He has been in the kalari field field for last 42 years. His 23 years old daughter Hanima is the Kerala State champion of Kalari Martial Arts and his 22 year old son Akarsh is the Kerala state champion.

We have 8 martial art training centers, One massage, treatment Centre/academy. We have done kalari martial arts demonstration for the History Channel from England and Spanish Documentary and many. Many Foreigners and Indians studied Martial arts and massages at our centres. P.Dineshan Gurukkal has hundreds of disciples all over the world.